The most desired and luxurious type of ceramic, English fine bone china remains one of a household’s ultimate everyday luxuries. Made in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the pottery industry for over 300 years, our craftsmen and women create wondrous works of art in the form of tea sets, coffee cups, dinnerware and other accessories for the home.

Since 1973 the craftsmen and women at The Caverswall English China Company have expertly employed crafting techniques passed down from previous generations. 

Drawing on the expertise of their predecessors as well as ensuring that their methods live on for future generations, our craftspeople masterfully hand-make and decorate a comprehensive range of exceptional fine bone china products.   

 At The Caverswall English China Company we're committed to creating jobs locally, as we have been since our inception, and everything we do hinges on the continued excellence of our craftsmen and women. Each piece that leaves our Stoke-on-Trent workshop bears The Caverswall English China Company trademark; a prestigious symbol of English expertise honed over hundreds of years. Wherever our products end up in the world, we're proud that they bear the beauty our business is associated with, and convey the consummate craftsmanship that our artisans are famous for.