When our English fine bone china products come out of the kiln for the fourth and final time, our acclaimed artisans perform the final flourishes that really bring them to life. Offering stunning decoration done by hand, our craftsmen and women have got the experience and knowhow to gild with real gold, creating traditional looking pieces infused with splendour and sophistication.
Many products also come hand-painted in various palettes and patterns, with much of our offering boasting tasteful, timeless decoration. Often, our designs showcase incredible intricacy and scrupulous detailing. This is a result of the consummately mastered, age-old design methods championed by the experts in our Stoke-on-Trent workshop. 
Meanwhile, some of the items in our range are decorated to emanate a more contemporary chic and, by choosing our exclusive bespoke service, you can have plates, cups, saucers, jugs, mugs and more bestowed with any decoration of your choosing. We've created custom pieces for an extensive range of clients from restauranteurs to royalty. 
To find out more about our bespoke service and our business as a whole, please get in touch here.